Buyers Beware: Amazon Admits to Selling Fake Supplements

Align probiotic supplements, Image of Amazon logo over photo of a supplement package

Amazon Warns Customers: Those Supplements Might Be Fake

Amazon is advising customers to dispose of Align probiotic supplements bought on its site after discovering that the products might be fake.

According to an email Amazon wrote to customers, “If you still have this product, we recommend that you stop using it immediately and dispose of the item,” They also offered to fully refund the item.

“Amazon has confirmed they have stopped third party sales of the Align products in question and Amazon is only selling Align product received directly from P&G manufacturing facilities.” Mollie Wheeler, a spokesperson for Procter & Gamble, said in an email.

The underlying problem is that fake dietary supplement companies are able to sell a large amount of fakes through These counterfeit products are frequently low quality. Since they aren’t regulated, the ingredients listed may not be what is actually in the product. The FDA has found that supplements sometimes contain prescription pharmaceuticals like steroids or antidepressants, which can be harmful if a person takes them without being aware of it. For example, say you have an allergy to gluten. Many fake supplements may have gluten, peanuts and other fillers and contaminates that you can be reacting to and not know it. Purchasing drugs from an unknown supplier can create an unnecessary risk for patients; such as steroids, peptides and cancer medications containing no active ingredients being distributed

Professional grade supplements are targets by these pirating companies. They know these supplements work and can only be sold by practitioners with licenses. These professional grade supplements are tested for toxins, are bio-available, and many times, have clinical tests on efficacy. Fake dietary supplement companies are able to sell a large amount of fakes through It is big business and we are the victims.

Protecting yourself is simple: Do not buy nutritional products from third-party sellers on like “DiscountVitaShop” or whatever – simply don’t trust it. Remember retail store supplements carry the same risk. Supplements are not regulated, and your local health or food stores don’t have the resources to buy professional grade supplements. Purchase your supplements from a trusted and reputable provider or the manufacturer. If the cost of your supplement is significantly lower than those sold by competitors, it could be you’re purchasing a counterfeit product. If it seems too good to be true, it probably is. 

I have private labeled my professional grade supplements in order to help protect my patients from counterfeits. The companies that I use I have personally investigated for quality. They provide great results with their high quality products for you and your family. You can find these supplements in your portal or on my website where your family members can order too. The health of you and your loved ones is too important to risk.