EMF Exposure and What It Means to You and Your Family

EMF exposure, image of city with EMF

What is EMF?

EMF is the abbreviation of Electro Magnetic Fields.  Electromagnetic radiation consists of photons (light particles) non-ionizing radiation that travel in a wave-like pattern at the speed of light. It can be generated by a number of environmental sources- including electric appliances, power lines, transformers, cell towers, wireless devices, wireless networks, TV, computers and smart meters used by electric companies to monitor your electricity use. These are attached to your home. While in use, humans are exposed to magnetic fields via close proximity to these sources. They are invisible, but can penetrate almost anything. They can go through brickwork and wood; most metals provide little protection. This is especially true of magnetic fields. 

In addition to EMF radiation, electronic device  screens of computers, TVs, mobile devices, and Bluetooth devices emit Blue Light, which is high-energy (visible, or HEV light)  which has its own potential health effects such as eye strain that can result in headaches, fatigue, dry eyes, problems focusing, cataracts and interfering with sleep.  

Why is it harmful?

EMF fields, and devices produce toxic electromagnetic radiation. These fields can layer, one upon the other, creating a harmful level of radiation affecting biological cell processes, damaging DNA and increase risks for disease and cancer. 

Cell phone radiation has been linked with a number of different diseases, cancer is perhaps the most serious, review studies here. 

Data shows an almost doubling of the risk of head tumors induced by long-term mobile phone use Environ Health. 2011 Jun 17;10(1):59. Epub 2011 Jun 17. PMID: 21679472 

EMF can lead to rapid aging and have a significant impact on metabolic systems including elevated blood glucose levels, elevation in lipid levels, increased neuroregulatory disturbances, decreased testosterone levels in males, increased miscarriage in women and impacts on the Central nervous system (CNS), cardiovascular, and immune systems amongst other issues. EMFs have an effect on raising blood pressure, pulse rate and affecting other dynamics of cardiovascular function. Read more details of the effects here

There  is evidence that blue light from digital devices can transform the eye’s retinal cells into cell killers. In the long term, these molecules can cause large amounts of the retina’s photoreceptor cells to die off, leaving us with steadily worsening vision and possibly even blindness

Effects can be extremely detrimental on the eyes; especially for children. As we grow older, the lenses of our eyes gradually begin to yellow. This protects the retina. It serves as a natural defense against UV damage from the sun’s rays and other sources of shorter-wavelength light. Children have not developed this protection, leaving their retina’s vulnerable to damage.

Studies show the damaging effects of high frequency microwave radiation on the intact lens. The data suggests that more exposure to microwave EMF can cause cumulative damage and lead to cataracts.

Beyond the screen, there are other culprits responsible for EMF exposure. Surprisingly this involves the use of baby monitors near infants and “smart” diapers. Children have less developed immune systems than adults, and EMF exposure weakens it. Also, because they are growing, the bones of babies and children are still soft, so the EMFs easily penetrate into their bone marrow and all their stem cells that are vital to maturation. Their skulls are thinner and softer, and hold more fluid allowing EMFs to penetrate deeper and more strongly into their brains. 

Therefore, they will absorb a higher ratio of radiation to body mass than adults.

EMF also plays a role in our sleep. When blue light (EMF) is taken in by our eyes, it sends a signal to our brain to suppress the production of melatonin, the hormone responsible for regulating our sleep. This is why we might have a harder time falling asleep after spending time watching TV or using electronic devices before bed. Low levels of melatonin make it difficult for the body to “sense” that it’s time for bed. Adults, teens and especially young children will likely be more affected by negative consequences when their sleep rhythms are frequently disrupted. Insomnia can result in mood disturbance, crankiness in children, fatigue, ADHD, anxiety and depression.

How can I limit exposure?

1. Shield your electronic devices, with radiation protecting cases

  • Don’t carry cell phones on your body
  • Use speaker mode; not earbuds unless they are air-tube (EMF protecting ear buds.)
  • Do not sleep with a cell phone near you, move it to another room, even on airplane mode.
  • Shield routers and computers; check if there is a smart meter, router or computer on the other side of the wall near your bed or children’s beds. If so, move the beds!
  • Check if you have a smart meter, if so, get rid of them and return to an analog meter; it is your right to insist on it. Google smart meters and health issues.

2. Set Limits
Limit your families’ use of mobile phones, laptops, and anything with a screen that emits blue light. The American Academy of Pediatrics has recommended that children 2-5 years old should be getting at most 1 hour of entertainment-based screen time, and infants and children under two years old shouldn’t be using devices with screens at all.  It is best to keep your children and yourself off them entirely for at least two hours before bedtime.

3. Blue Light Glasses for Kids and Adults 
Consider wearing blue light blocking glasses  and  having your kids wear blue light blocking glasses for kids to minimize any harm done. These glasses have special orange-tinted lenses that filter out blue light, and this pair is made specifically for children. You can also find adult glasses here.

4. Lower the Source
Turn the blue light filter on in your phone. To do so, go to setting-display- brightness, tap the Night shift setting or blue light filter. You can have it go on at sundown; protecting you and allowing you to produce your own melatonin for sleep.

5. Use a wired baby monitor, instead of wireless; or place wireless baby monitor further away.
Use a monitor that uses an ethernet cable, or if ethernet isn’t doable for you, opt for an AC adapter that plugs into the wall and works through your electrical lines. The wired connection significantly reduces EMF output. Another simple way to reduce EMF exposure is move the baby monitor further away from the baby.  At least 10 feet away is recommended.

6. Use a EMF Shields on your  devices, routers and protect your home These are my recommended sites to protect you and your family
EMF Shields take significant stress off the immune system so that the harmful EMFs are causing, and many people report it increases the quality of their sleep. They protect biology at the cell level by providing a stronger field of coherent, nature-based scalar fields, to compete against the incoherent fields of the man made devices.  Since these multiple waveforms are more natural to our bodies, the cells in our body “listen” to these fields, and our cells begin to literally ignore the harmful frequencies. Buy a devices here to protect you and your family at home, workplace, and car. I use these in my home and even at my husband’s office at work. You can find them here

SAFESLEEVE offers anti-radiation cases for cell phones, tablets and laptops. They offer integrated FCC lab tested shielding technology that can block up to 99% of RF radiation. This is important for the whole family, Carrying and holding cell phones without a protective case, is direct radiation to your body,( private parts, if your carrying your phone unshielded in your front pocket) This is affecting fertility, energy and immune system. Don’t place laptops on your lap, without a shield, another way to radiate your body. I use the phone cases, laptop cases and earbuds from SAFESLEEVE. You can find them here.

7. Tell Someone of the dangers EMF can have on the body.
I think we all have an obligation to inform our family and friends of these environmental dangers to our health. We are getting sicker and sicker and EMF is playing a role in our declining health. We can protect as much as possible by incorporating a few protective measures. Best of health to you and your family.