Move in the Direction of a Healthier You

This is my first blog post. Many of you may know my story, if you are a current or past patient; some of you are new, and this will serve as a little introduction to me. My first goal in creating a website and blog is to reach more people who are having health issues and can’t find answers. I know many of you or your family or friends have been caught up in the western medicine world of treating symptoms with medications and then treating side effects with more medication – only to leave you sicker than you started and still without answers to your questions. My hope is through this platform of social media, I can help people get started on health-changing information and lifestyle programs that will address the root cause of illness and disease. I believe our body wants to be healthy, and we just don’t have the understanding of how to assist it. We have a lot of control over our health. Many chronic diseases can be reversed, even cancers. I see it a lot in my practice and in the world of functional medicine.

So today I had an appointment with my cardiologist who I had not seen in over 10 years. You see, I have an arrythmia that led to needing a heart procedure, and that procedure that failed. I was left with chronic chest pain. I was on 14 different medications over a 10-year period to try to stop this constant heart pain, which felt like a charley horse in my heart. The more active I was the worse it got. For those 10 years I didn’t work out, I felt like crap from the medications, went on them and off them, had my doses changed, but nothing worked. The solution was a nutritional multi vitamin that delivered key nutrients in an innovative way. With in two weeks, I had no pain – nothing. I felt amazing. I started running, biking, and doing weight training again. I will dive into this more deeply in future posts.

When my cardiologist saw me he was so surprised! He asked me if I was taking the same multi vitamin pak. I said yes, and he even asked the name! He couldn’t believe I didn’t need any more nitro patches or medications. Plus, my blood pressure was 116/70, and for a 63-year-old that is darn good. He smiled and said, “Good for you! You’re doing amazing and you look amazing too!” He ordered the usual stress tests and labs. I will keep you posted on my results, a 10-day heart monitor!

My purpose in sharing my story with you is to help you understand that your circumstances do not dictate your future. I was always asking the question: what do I need to know or do to have the life I want? Our health can be turned around; even the smallest change you make can make a huge difference in how you feel. My hope is to encourage you to be willing to make some changes in your life to move you in the direction of a healthier you. You deserve to have the life you love and the health to enjoy it. Stay tuned for a journey into topics that matter for a healthy life. If there is a question you have about a health issue or disease, or if you have been hearing about something in the news or from friends – for example, EMFs – and you want clarity, please send me those questions and I will be sure to address them here in the blog. Have a happy, healthy week.