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Fisetin is a polyphenol that’s shown to provide incredible anti-aging effects. Among Fisetin’s many health benefits, the most notable may be Fiestin’s ability to remove dysfunctional cells linked to aging called senescent cells.

Defends Celluar Health

Oxidative stress caused by free radicals is a key factor linked to aging. Fisetin provides powerful antioxidant activity, helping to protect the body from harmful free radicals. 

Removes a Major Cause of Aging

Senescent cells are a type of dysfunctional cell that accumulate in our body as we age. These dysfunctional cells get stuck, causing major dysfunction such as inflammation, slowed communication between cells, DNA damage, and more. Fisetin has shown in clinical settings to be massively effective at removing senescent cells, helping to restore cellular health. 

High Dose Per Capsule 

Humanx Fiestin contains 500mg of Fisetin in an easy to swallow capsule, making it easy to meet your daily Fisetin needs.