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Spermidine is a polyamine making waves in the scientific community for its incredible benefits for health and longevity. Sometimes referred to as “an anti-aging vitamin”, Spermidine appears to be linked to many critical biological functions that influence lifespan.

Activates the Mitochondrial Renewal
Mitophagy refers to the recycling process of damaged mitochondria. This is a critical function for the health and integrity of the cell, as mitochondria are responsible for generating energy for the body.*

Activates the Cell Renewal Process
Autophagy is our body’s cell renewal process, a critical process linked to health and longevity. When autophagy takes place, old and dysfunctional cells are recycled in order to prioritize the growth of young and vital cells*

Boosts Heart Health
Spermidine supplementation supports the structural integrity and sensitivity of cardiomyocytes, the cells of the heart that make it contract. Through a combination of many factors, such as Spermidine’s ability to help maintain structure of heart cells and its ability to stimulate the cell renewal process, scientists report that Spermidine displays cardioprotective benefits*