Sufficient-C High Dose Vitamin C Lemon-Peach Immune-Ade drink mix has made fortifying the immune system quite easy since consumers can now kick back and simply enjoy the unusual ease of getting up to 4,000 mg. of non-GMO vitamin C ( 2,000 mg. per scoop) plus generous doses of L-lysine, Bromelain and a 94% pure green tea extract in a refreshing, great tasting, premium stevia sweetened, non-GMO, gluten-free and highly immune supportive drink mix. Sufficient-C goes well with meals, is a thirst quenching treat after a hot workout and is simply satisfying to drink just because… It’s 100% water soluble so there are no particles floating about making it aesthetically pleasing as well.

It is a surprising, perfect way to fortify your immune system throughout the day and to get the needed higher doses of vitamin C, to help compensate for the gene mutation that occurred 25-45 million years ago rendering modern day humans incapable of producing vitamin C.

Our large, 250 gram, convenience size bypasses stick packs or individual dose packs to not only reduce our carbon foot print, but most of all to allow for individualized dosing. We understand that health is a spectrum and health needs vary. As a brand that recognizes individuality, we chose to offer a scoop which allows the freedom to increase or decrease a dose based on one’s individual health requirement and that of the direction of one’s trusted health care provider.